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Geyser Photos

Photos of various geysers and hydrothermal features taken while at Yellowstone National Park. These barely scratch the surface of what you will actually see when you visit Yellowstone. There are more thermal features in the Yellowstone Park than there are any other place on the planet. During your visit to Yellowstone you will see every type of geyser you can imagine. The park has a higher concentration of geothermal features than any other place on earth. While at the park you will see cone geysers (Old Faithful), fumaroles (Mud Volcano & Sulfur Cauldron), hot springs (Abyss Pool & Grand Prismatic), mudpots (Fountain Paint Pot) and steam vents (Steamboat Geyser).  

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Old Faithful Geyser

The most faithful of them all is none other than "Old Faithful Geyser." This geothermal feature provides breathtaking eruptions approximately every 90 minutes. If you have a video camera, I highly encourage you to get some footage of the eruption. It is absolutely incredible. Just make sure that you set up your camera equipment up wind of the geyser to ensure you don't have to deal with the mist from the eruption. It smells strongly of sulfur and doesn't play nice with electronic equipment.  


Beehive Geyser from Flyline Search Marketing on Vimeo.